Monē Bikes is a single man bike fabrication operation based out of Colorado.  I am Cjell Monē, the owner/operator designer fabricator and janitor of Monē Bikes. My shop is located in a 1990 Wonderbread Truck making it fully mobile and keeps the processes light and efficient...literally. My focus is on keeping overhead low and quality high.

The Bikes

Bikes are meant to be ridden so it is important that a bike rides well. Bikes that ride well need to be comfortable and efficient. Marketing plays a big roll in how folks perceive a bike will perform for them when it comes to choosing what brand or frame material or components or what-have-yous. I think it's important to be very objective when it comes to these choices. These are some of the things that are common to Monē Bikes.

Steel. All frame materials have strengths and weaknesses and all are hyped in some way or another. Steel is argued by many to be the king of comfort in the arena of frame materials. The high-end butted tubing used in Monē Bikes has been developed over many many years to be extremely strong and light.  It is repairable, joined by a flame and easy to work with. I also personally think steel bikes are the prettiest out there, subjective, but if you don't think so, I think you're wrong.

Tires. Big tires. Pneumatic suspension. 3.0, 5.0, 44c....the fatties. On the road, dirt or in between, riding a bike with bigger tires is more comfortable. There is a fair amount of science behind the superior speed and handling of bigger tires at lower pressures but they simply feel and look good. After a few thousand miles of on and off road touring, big tires are key to my happiness on the bike. Not all stock bike frames fit larger sized tires, road or mountain. The bikes that will fit them are few and far between and often not exactly what you were looking for...enter Monē Bikes.

SS. Or not to Single Speed? Makes no difference. I will build a bike that best suits your needs. SS is a style choice. Durability? Get a rohloff. Cheap? Find some 8 speed XT stuff. Concerned about style. Better go SS. I do have to concede to clearer mind arguments, 'my mind is clearest when riding SS'... and it isn't thinking about how stylie my SS is. But seriously, it is the most fun I can have on a bike, albeit at a slight speed disadvantage to the geared folk but then I have en excuse for sucking and a reason to gloat when crushing.

Parts. I love building bikes around period component sets while mixing old and new. Lugs and thru axles? Yep. Downtube shifters and fat tires? Yes.  Canti brakes on a 29er? Done deal. The things that used to work really well on bikes...still do.

The Monē

$2250 for a standard fillet brazed version of your dream. Upgrades (internal routing, sliding dropouts, taper steerers, etc) that cost me more time or money are to be covered by the customer. I prefer to build complete bikes, so if you have your own parts, they can be discussed and submitted early on in the process. 

$350 deposit on triplane forks, $500 for frames. This is non-refundable which helps protect me from investing in our project and having nothing to show for it. The balance of %50 frame/fork/stem/etc is due when I start work. The remaining %50 is due when the frameset ships. All money for components is due before any order is placed.

Reach out to me with questions. I am interested in costumers with real bike needs in their lives. Our relationship will start with a conversation, then we'll ride a little bike, then something can be created to meet a bicycle need.


I am a lifetime bike rider, bike tourist, bike advocate, bike enthusiast. I  love simplicity and beauty of these magnificent machines. My background is in Mechanical Engineering and I got my start in bike building with Black Sheep Bikes in Ft. Collins.

I opine that bikes are popular today for two reasons. Because it's a very cool thing own and they function as transportation/rec equipment. I want your bike to excel at both of these. I want it to be wildly functional but also, one of the most beautiful things you own, all while fitting you like no bike you've ever ridden.

My background as a bike rider is focused mostly on travel by bike. The Great Divide Mountain Bike Race and Arizona Trail Race have been a focus for the past few years. Riding my own bike along these routes and others has become a big part of the design of Monē bikes. 



All frames and forks come with a 2 year warranty. That means, if you break it under normal use, I fix it. I pay for shipping, materials, repaint and time. This applies to the original owner of the bike. If you're not the original owner, see the second paragraph.

 After 2 years you are not forgotten. Bike frames and forks break (rare, but it happens), this is life. To ensure that your investment lives on, I will still fix it, it's just now on you to cover expenses. The customer covers shipping, materials, repaint and $30/hr for my time to get it going again.



How do I work them Monē Changer dropouts?

 - Remember, there are 5 (not 4, don't forget the caliper adaptor ones) bolts to loosen. To lengthen, sit on the saddle and hold the rear brake, give a couple gentle bounces...that should do it. To shorten, get your chain started on your single speed cog and chainring and pedal it around. straighten the tire in the chainstays and tighten 6 bolts. If you're running gears your penance is putting the bike in the stand, throwing a foot on the BB and pulling the rim to the front.


Does my coaster wheel come with a cooler?



Can I run drop bars on my La Roca?

Yep...of coarse I recommend El Continente for drop bar duty, but with the right setup you could enjoy them on your La Roca too. Think tall and short...and then think taller and shorter..ahh that's it.  Have you seen the oddMonē bars yet?


Does my frame and/or fork come with axles?



What is the largest rotor size I can run on my MONe bike?



What is the largest tire can fit?

For max tukted-ness, we recommend a 2.8 tire. 3.0 tires on 45mm rims are very tight. 3.0 tires on 35mm rims allow for around 3mm on each side of the tire in the rear at around a 430mm chainstay position. The fork has ample clearance for any 3.0 tire/rim combination.